Meetup for Workplace Investigations

A new Meetup for workplace investigations - all involved in these investigations are welcome, HR professionals, workplace investigators and those involved in the management of investigations etc. - The next Meetup is on Tuesday 17 September 2019.

Equality Conference, Thursday 17 October 2019

Our CEO is again chairing the Equality Conference hosted by Legal Island this year. It is unique in Ireland being the only conference focused on employment equality issues from an experienced equality professional’s perspective. Not for the faint hearted!

upcoming training sessions

Our next training sessions being in November

Managing Process. Engaging People.
Creating a Better Story.


Independent and impartial workplace investigations throughout Ireland, North and South, in accordance with best practice.


The comfort and reassurance of skilled and experienced expertise in unfamiliar situations. Guidance with how to begin and manage an investigation in-house, how to manage an employee with a disability, and support throughout disciplinary procedures.

Prompt and project-managed investigations handled with appropriate rapidity and resulting in reasoned decisions bring clarity for clients to progress the matter or restore operations.

Restoring key working relationships, even where they appear permanently fractured, to enable those involved return to performance excellence.

Managers recognising situations as they develop, your inhouse investigators using best practice and awareness training for staff ensures operational performance is the best it can be.

Fair processes ensure clients’ exposure is minimised.

Our team are available to guide you through unfamiliar situations such as misbehaviour, allegations of bullying, employees returning from sick leave seeking accommodations, maternity and other equality issue.

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